Friday, January 15, 2010

I "Heart" Inspiration....

I must admit, I have had a bit of the post-holiday blahs the last few weeks. I've been busy packing up decorations and playing catch up with the kids back at school. Let's face it, putting the stuff away isn't nearly as exciting as putting it up!

The nice thing about blogging is this--if you are having a creative dry spell, all you have to do it visit your blog friends. Where do some of these fabulous woman get all their energy and cleverness???? It really is contagious!

I'm ready to take on some of the projects that have been piling up in my head.

We actually had sunshine yesterday and warmer temps. I ended up spending the day planting some bulbs that I had pulled up last year. I'm trying to naturalize them around some trees.

The pillows from Ballard Designs definitely inspire me and I had to share them. I'm just sure one of those talented etsy sellers out there will recreat this look for quite a bit less!

And, how about this wonderful heart art from Ballard?

Love this.
Here's to inspiration and starting some new projects.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I'll be anxiously awaiting your new projects. You are so creative!


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