Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box

Hello to all of you out there.

Things have been busy around here, but I don't really have too much new to share with you. Hopefully I'll have some photos tomorrow of a few finished projects.

In the meantime, I just thought these photos spoke to me for the New Year.

I really want to practice the fine art of "thinking outside the box" to expand our business and really let my creative side run wild in the flowers....: )

This display of footstools in the bookcase is amazing.....This is really what I mean by thinking outside the box. Whoever put this display together really "gets it".

Here's to "getting it" in the world of display and design for 2011. For those of us who have small businesses or just love changing our homes up and seeing things in a new light....

Here's to "getting it" and "doing it" this year!

How about this vignette? You can also shop in the mid-century modern section for some great gold glass accents like these, even if it's not exactly your style.

Mix it up. Make it all work together like this.

and I'd just LOVE to find an "umbrella stand" like this one...

Loving it!

What a cozy and super eclectic room this is.

No rules.

No matchy matfchy.

Just putting things together that you love in an interesting way.

NOW that's design.

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  1. I love all of those photos! Happy new year Cori!


  2. I love the mix up in that decor, fun and no rules> Love it. Happy New Year!!

  3. It is perfect that you talked about this today as I was talking with my friend yesterday about how I have a hard time "seeing the big picture" in design. She has always complimented the little vignettes around the house. They range from a simple sitting area to a "breakfast station." I shared with her yesterday, that I always found that I could design small areas in such a way that I would love being in that space, and was just lucky as heck that when you look "at the big picture" you don't get a mixed up puzzle feeling :-) Beautiful collection of photos you chose to tell your story today. Have a beautiful day! ~ Blessings, Janet

  4. I am sooo excited to have a new house, hopefully this year! And gosh, this thought makes me think that it is my great achievement to be my self hands on decorating. These photos and interiors are amazing. I am so happy for your new client in New York! Congratulations!


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