Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back To Work

Ok....the holidays are officially over.

I can't justify eating sweets any longer and need to get back to exercising.

The last few days I've gotten back to work on my large collection of furniture that needs attention. I finally got a few pieces to the store today.

There this Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table that I've actually had for several months now...I refinished the top and it came out really nice.

it's hard to tell from these before pics, but the top was in pretty bad shape. I didn't want to paint this piece--it wasn't that rough, but needed refinishing on the top.

and here's a really great console type table that my dear husband found for me while I was in California (what a guy!). It didn't need much work, just a good clean up and some scratch touch-up. I love the little drawer.

I recovered the four chairs with a Provencal type blue and white tablecloth I wasn't using any longer.

I decided to accessorize with the blue, white, red and yellow. The holidays are over, and I'm craving some happy colors for January.

I brought some Paperwhites from home that are just about ready to bloom....FUN!

I'm ready to get back to work and clear out the garage a bit while the yard sales are a bit slow during January and February.

What projects are you getting back to now?

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  1. Hi Cori, your space is looking nice. I'm still corralling my Christmas decor. Yes, I hear you, about no good reason to eat so many sweets now!!


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