Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Fashion Find

This is definitely NOT a fashion blog.

Don't get me wrong--I like fashion as much as the next girl.

But, these days I spend about 90% of my time in "work clothes". Working in the garage on furniture, or in the garden and just plain getting dirty.

I do clean up once in awhile and enjoy it when I do.

On Saturday we were at an estate sale.

I found this camel wool coat. It is really nice and turns out it fit me perfectly.

So...I found a fashion find among all the furniture finds.

I've never owned a camel coat...So this is my first and I love the black lapel detail.

Very chic and a bit vintage.

Love that.

Had to put her on the dress form we found the other day while treasure hunting....

Then I had to put a few pieces of my favorite jewelry on her.

One more quick project...

My daughter got a phone for Christmas.

She was very happy.

Now she has several electronics that need to be charged.

She wanted a small table in her room. I found this little one. Painted the hardware cream and lined the drawers with some leftover fabric.

Painted a wood charging station cream and put some fabric where the felt was.

Now she's happy and I'm happy.

She can stash her extra batteries and cord inside the drawers rather than all over her room (I hope).

Hope your week is going well and I'll check in with you all in a few days...


  1. Seriously! You have some awesome necklaces!!! I love them!!! I love the form too!!!

  2. lucky you for finding such nice camel coat. I think every woman should own one! uhmmm I think I should post my camel coat one day....your girl is very lucky and loved, you're such a sweet mom....I love vintage hunting too!


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