Friday, January 14, 2011

There's Nothing Like A LFinished Project

I have had this piece in my garage for three months. This week we worked on it and brought it to the store today. What a great feeling.

It is a very good solid piece. It would make a great base for a flat screen television.

It's the first piece we've done with the Krylon Metallic paint.

Here's what it looked like before...

Yes, it had great "bones" and a very solid construction, but it was scrached and needed a good clean up.

The biggest issue with this piece was the bottom of the side panels. They were pretty chewed up and a little wood putty certainly wasn't going to cut it here.

What to do???

Cover the side panels with burlap, of course!

This is a great "fix" for a piece with these kind of issues. It worked out really well. We added a couple stripes down the middle using the same paint.

It worked out pretty well...don't you think?

We added these wonderful crown knobs with just that right hint of blue on them. They were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Some fun accessories were added, including an old clock casing (with no clockworks) that we painted off-white and distressed a bit. Love the shape and the interest it adds.

We are working on the furniture inventory, one piece at a time. It feels so good to get one done and into the space.

The New Year has gotten off to a great start. This has been the best month for sales so far, and the month isn't even half over!

You've gotta love that???? Who says people don't go shopping after the holidays?

Happy Friday and wishing you all a great weekend.

Until next time...


  1. very cute. i like the burlap on the sides...

  2. This project turned out excellent!its like from a very old "I don't like" to the new bronze appearance so neat and adorable!=)Your past projects are a lot of work, wheew! The upholstery are such a great job!


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