Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I Would Have Liked To Bring Home...

from the Farm Chicks show yesterday....

Definitely this incredibly well-preserved Carnation Milk truck. Just fell in love with this as soon as we walked in the door.

You have to wonder who had the foresight to store this beauty away all those years ago...amazing.

there was this upholstered headboard...stunning...

these great rusty cans with numbers on an aqua display this combination...

Missing a drawer from a yard sale find? No problem. Use the first space as a shelf for linens and paint it this great color, just add crystal handles.

a few wonderful hat boxes in gorgeous neutrals...

Old bottles with seashell "jewelry"
collection of unique frames
a stately vintage chair with burlap and great trim accent

one of the Tarte fabulous display areas with chairs to die for and a combination of two of my favorite happy colors - red and yellow. Isn't this striking and fresh?

A fun petite nightstand with great drawer accents...
a very chic bulletin board in a fabulous dreamy frame...
nesting tables from the past I would love to have today...

corbels in a lucsious shade of light aqua chipping finish
a "to die for" kitchen island that looks like it s right out of a grand 20's kitchen
a fan that conjures up images of summers gone by...
these fabulous enamel pieces that were so unique and in gorgeous colors...
a coffee table fashioned from an old large exterior shutter in the most yummy shade of aqua and "age"...
a wedding dress fit for a queen...
a funky and fun twin headboard with a chalkbaord inset....Isn't this fun??
Now this I really WANTED to bring home....a bench that was put together with a church pew and a sleigh bed headboard and finished in the dreamiest off-white finish....good thing for my wallet it wouldn't fit in the car and would have been WAY too expensive to ship home..

Don't you love this?

there were lots of great bicycles this year...this one was special in it's spiffy blue color....

My second year at Farm Chicks did not disappoint. So much creativity and display goodness to soak in. Thank goodness for all the photos.

Hope you have had a great weekend. In my next post I'll show you what I DID bring home yesterday.



  1. looks like a blast! Wish I could've daughter's birthday.....don't think that would've went over real well ;) Thanks for the pictures so I could enjoy from afar!


  2. Wow Cori! I would've bought so much! I love all of your images, I especially love the padded headboard and the bench and the rusted numbered pails! Love it all!!! xx

  3. I would have left there totally broke. Such a lot of beautiful must-have things, sigh.

  4. Cori, thank you so much for visiting our Retreat booth and falling in love with so many of our pieces. The bulletin board, kitchen island, and beautiful bench made from a vintage bed & church pew all sold on Saturday!

    Deb @ Retreat

  5. You have a beautiful blog! I just love that tufted headboard too! I'm wishing I would have bought that as well.


  6. Hi Cori,

    Thanks so much for visiting Ormolulu's booth. That incredible 1940's wedding dress was owned by a ballerina called "Red Shoes". Did you see how teeny-tiny her torso was? Glad you had fun at Farm Chicks . . . it went by waaaay to fast!!

    Debi @ Ormolulu


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