Thursday, June 24, 2010

Had To Share This....

Check this out.

This GORGEOUS fish pllate looks like it was custom made for this cabinet above our refrigerator.

Where did I find it? On a trip to Italy? From an expensive kitchen catalog store? At a pricey antique show?


I bid on this plate at a local thrift store auction.
I was the high bidder at $25!

Can you believe it? It is stamped made in Italy on the back and just the most interesting shape and it has no damage or chipping.

Our local thrift store does a "window auction" each month. They place items in the windo that are obviously "more than junk".
Each item is numbered. You can put your bid in a ballot type box. At the beginning of the new month they pull out the bids and contact the high bidder.

If you won, you can go to the store and inspect your item closely. Unlike Ebay, if you are not satisfied with it, you can turn it down with no consequence (bad feedback).

They give you 2 weeks to come in a pay If the high bidder doesn't show up within 2 weeks, they call the second bidder.
That's how I picked up this adorable vintage doll buggy. I was the second bidder.

Isn't this a great way for the charity to make money and for peple to have fun with the mini auction?

Does your thrift store do this?


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