Monday, June 28, 2010

The Music Of Our Lives

Ok...if you are a follower and you read my "About Me" you know I'm no spring chicken.... : )
I have developed a very eclectic taste in music over the years.

But this man stands out for me - Jackson Browne (yes, I did kind of name my son after him). You have to admit--he still looks pretty DARN GOOD.

His music speaks to my soul, always has and always will.

I've recently discovered Pandora and of course I have a Jackson station, among many others.

The music of your life...think about it. I don't think anything evokes a memory of a happy (or sad) time quite like music.

It's magical.

I finally updated my playlist today (It's long overdue).

I popped in a few Jackson songs and lots of others that just make me think of summer.

Here's to the music of our lives....

Hope you enjoy the new songs.



  1. What sort of playlist do you use? I like it because it doesn't slow down your page...I know a lot of them take forver to load. I've been wanting to add one but am afraid of it slowing down the page loading. Pretty songs!

  2. Hello again Cori! We live in Laguna Hills which is South Orange County. I love the San Francisco area, my ex-husbands aunt lived in a town called Piedmont for a while and when we visited her I wanted stay there forever!!!

    My husband grew up in Kent Washington, we just went to Tacoma last September for his brothers wedding...I love it there too! I have to confess, we're very anxious to get out of So. Cal but until my boys are all independent we have to stay here.

    Thank you for the info. on the playlist, I'm going to work on it tomorrow! And thank you also for visiting my blog:)

  3. I have loved his music ever since the Seventies, and phoah, was he a treat for the eyes then. Not too shabby these days either.


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