Tuesday, June 15, 2010


they are everywhere!

It's so nice to have a piece of land, but the weeds this time of year can be daunting.

So...with the weather cooperating, my husband and I spent 4 or 5 hours working together to weed two very large planting area in from of our guest cottage on Saturday morning.

It is quite a job and one that I honestly dread. But, as in the case with most chores like this, it felt wonderful to get it DONE.

Our reward?

We bought this little fountain that was on sale at Home Depot.

After we were finished weeding we set it up.

I love the way it looks. We just moved some small river rick around it, placed an old piece of metal that our daughter found on our property and added my little angel.

I added some annuals and transplanted some Irish moss and thyme from other areas in the yard

It helps to give yourself a little "reward" when you are facing unpleasant tasks like weeding, even if it's a nice cold glass of ice tea.

I can now open my kitchen sink window and see, and better yet, HEAR my little fountain.

It makes me happy and remind me that weeding is just part of having a nice garden....sigh..



  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Cory! We have an acre...of mostly weeds right now! Lots of garden areas, but LOTS of weeds! It is a daunting task, isn't it? I have to keep reminding myself...just one piece of land at a time...! I need to drag my girls out there with me today and get busy. What to offer for an afterwards treat...?

    Hope you enjoy gazing out at the result of all your hard work today!


  2. Looks like your land is so beautiful! It is quite a chore huh? We have just a regular suburban lot & it is overwhelming for me. I can imagine how overwhelming more than that would be!

    Love your little fountain!


  3. The fountain is just perfect for the courtyard. And look at how the new grass is coming in too! It'll be time for a little wine tasting party in the courtyard during my next visit!


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