Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Weekend Fun

I'm finding myself feeling "that summer feeling". Our weather has been beautiful and we are enjoying being outdoors, especially in the morning and the gorgeous evenings.

Yesterday we were invited to this stunning home that belongs to our neighbors. I thought I would take a few pictures to share the beauty of this home's exterior.

The beautiful balconies on both the front and back of the house are just spectacular. What a great space to entertain off their great room on the east side (shady side in the evening). They had roasted meat in the ground for 16 hours and it was so tender and delicious.

This is my son Jackson (on the left) and his buddy.
You gotta love their madras plaid shorts (Did they call ahead to ask what each other was wearing??? LOL).
This is the view of our house and guest cottage from our friend's property. It was fun to see it from this perspective.

Yep, we sure do live out in the country..

For entertainment, there was skeet shooting off the hillside...

Now if that isn't summer evening fun, what is????
Look at these beautiful flower hanging baskets adorning their posts in the backyard area...Aren't they to die for?

What a great glad they included us.'s a couple things I found yard saling yesterday.

A very cool cake/cupcake taker...Haven't seen one like this for awhile..

and this wonderful headboard and foot board for only $10!

I'm planning to turn this into a garden bench....I've never done it before, but, hey, there's a first time for everything.

Of course I'll share it with you when it's complete.

I hope you are also "feeling the kid in you" and enjoying the summer pleasures. My favorites?

Haring a cup of coffee in the morning and sitting outside to look at the view.

Having a big bowl of fruit in season.

Watering my flowers in the morning and evening.

Sleeping in a little bit : )

It's all good.


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