Monday, June 7, 2010

The Treasures I Brought Home

The Farm Chicks show had so much to offer.....I tried to set a budget and these are the items I came home with.

I love these wooden hangers--they are great for crafts and a little hard to find. I picked up three of them.

This is the table I found for my bedroom. It is the perfect shape and scale for a coffee table in front of the vintage sofa I hope to have recovered soon.

I have the fabric (which you see draped behind the table in the 2nd photo).

It's a cheetah print that I found at Ballard Designs several mnths ago.

Check out Retreat Style's site (the vendors I bought the table from). What great things they offer!

Can you believe this great chair was on $15.00? It has a torn leather seat, but that is any easy fix to recover.

This baby doll just called to me. I don't collect them or have any real knowledge about them (I'll have to ask my friend Jeanne about it).

Something about her face...

And last but not least, I found these two wooden spools in a bin of great spools and ribbons. I've been wanting a few of these.

The most important thing I brought home???


The display ideas and the creativity of the vendors is amazing.

Here's to all the people who have carved out their niche and taken the risk of starting their own business.



  1. Great finds Cori! You brought home some real treasures! Well done. xx

  2. I know nothing about dolls, and don't collect them, but the gorgeous little baby doll you bought really is adorable. Such a sweet chubby little face and delicate mouth, and there is something about the eyes, slightly wistful and dreamy, which is ever so appealing.

  3. you found some nice treasures there!...i was so jealous of you and diane getting to've read about the farm chicks for several years now, but i'm never in washington at the right year i may just stow away in your trunk and sneak along!'m anxious to see the coffee table and the chair, etc after you work your magic on them!


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