Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Vineyard Beauty

We purchased this poster art from a beautiful winery that is only a mile or so from our home.
We loved the colors in the art.

We didn't want to just put it in a frame, so it has been stored for over a year in our closet.

Remember how vintage bed turned bench project from a few weeks ago?

Well, there was a nice piece of wood left after we trimmed down the footboard for each side of the bench.

I took the leftover piece of wood and stained the raw cut edges.

Then I trimmed the poster to fit the wood. I took the trimmed pieces of the poster and tore the pieces into some rough leaf shapes. I added those shapes to the corner of the art. I also added some scrolly images to the top of the art.

I used a matte gel medium to apply the at to the piece of salvaged wood from the foot board.

I came over the top of the art with a copper glaze to finish it off.

We just hung it with a simple piece of twine.

How is that for using a leftover piece of wood from a previous project?

Love that.

Here she is hanging over the bench. I think the colors work really well with the bench.

So now I've got a center piece of art for the bench and will be in search of some other wall art for either side of the beautiful vineyard fairy.

Any ideas?



  1. Some small copper sconces with candles pulling out one of the colors in your pretty vineyard fairy.

  2. You are so artsy. I just love the colors. I agree with Mary Ann (above), plates may work, too. LMK if you did not get my reply re: my labels. Your e-mail reads "no-reply."


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