Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Guy Stuff

OK know how it goes. We want to decorate our homes the way "WE"" want them.

Sure, we want our husbands and families to have some input one in awhile, but, honestly, we would rather have it "OUR" way.

This is our man cave/study with a HUGE television. This is where my husband relaxes at the end of the day. I'm fine with the big tv because, let's face it--it's much more enjoyable watching tv on a really BIG screen.

Turns out my husband has this collection of of antique guns. They have been stashed away all these years in a big gun safe.

There are four of them--Russian, German, Swiss and British. A few months ago I said to him "Honey, why don't you display your guns in your study--I think that would be nice".
So here they are.

I think they look good in this space he pretty much calls his own.

I am reminded that this home is for all of us, and although we have different ideas about the things we love to surround ourselves with, it IS "OUR" home.

Although I never thought I'd be decorating a room in my home with antique guns, I must admit I really do the love the wood tones and the forms of these.

Hope your week is moving along well....



  1. My husband gets to display a lightsaber. Really!

  2. If Fisherhubby had HIS way, our family room walls would be covered in gaudy velvet tapestries, stuffed bass and musky, and deer and bear heads.

    I'm just sayin' - - -

    So here's my compromise - - - none of those critters on the walls, but I don't get to "girlie" it up either.

    So far - - - so good.


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