Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Little Desk Rescue

I purchased this desk last Sunday at a yard sale.

This is how I decided to give it anew look, a new life.

I used vintage map sheets to clover the front of the drawers. I used a matte el medium and it worked very well.

I painted the dresser red. Once dry, I distressed the edges of the desk and gave it some nice character.

The knobs were wood , so I painted them, OF COURSE. Using a Khaki color game them a nice touch in front of the vintage maps.

Here's how it looked last Sunday when I brought it home.

I brought this

telephone bench last Friday and it had sold by Saturday!

and this very cute dresser sold the same day!

I hope this cute little map desk goes quickly. What a fun ,makeover.



  1. I love your desk makeovers! Really cute! The one with the blue and white stripes is hands down my fave!


  2. I love the maps on the desk? May I ask where you are finding vintage maps?


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