Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Room We Spend Way Too Much Time In....

In an effort to bring a little more fun and whimsy into my laundry room, I painted these little signs.

I just set them inside a vintage frame that was already there. I had added some vintage hand-stamped clothespins and old blue buttons that I love to the corner.

This sign will make me smile as I WASH, DRY, AND FOLD (the least appealing part).

I just purchased an old Pioneer Washing Machine user's manual on ebay and I'm planning a big collage of the images and text on the other wall. The room is done in copper tones, golds and a cobalt blue. When it's done, you know I'll share it with you.

Since I'm the one who stands in that room the most, I want it to be as fun as possible : )


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  1. I think this is TOO CUTE !!! Love the "whimsy" of it all. :o)))


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