Friday, February 5, 2010

Choose Happiness

My latest banner design proclaims something that I truly believe in.

Choose Happiness!

I did this on burlap and embellished it with some of my fun felted sweater roses and leaves.

I also added a little bling with some rhinestone buttons over the "i" and nestled into the roses and leaves.

It measures approximately 36" long and 4" wide. I put a couple of twine "hooks" on the back and it can be hung with the suction cup hooks that I love.

A close up of the little rose detail.

I have many blessing in my life, but I'm just like everyone else--I have good days and bad days. I firmly believe that we wake up each morning and have a decision to "choose happiness", no matter what our situation may be.

Two profound words that carry so much power!

Happy Friday.

PS: - watch for this banner coming soon to my etsy shop.



  1. This is really pretty and I love the message. Sometimes we lose sight of the happiness right before us.

  2. Hi Cori, your banner is simply great and I love the thought behind it. Your blog is great!

    Blessings, Barb ♥

  3. Welcome to Washington! That is where I am at! Born and reared in Washington. I have two married adult daughters one lives in Eastern Wa. The other lives 2 miles from me. Her husband was asked by his company to transfer to Chicago, Ill. Feb. 12 they leave to check out his job if they move. I have shed buckets of tears. 37 yr around my daughter, and 17 yrs. of that time she has been married to a wonderful guy with two beautiful grandkids 12 yrs. and 10 yrs. enjoying your web page. thanks

  4. A nice reminder of what we need to be happy...Joan @Americana By Candlelight


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