Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taking Reservations Now...

Well....Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

It is beautiful here today with snow and sunshine.

I am wishing that we had guests in our little cottage for New Year's Eve....but we don't. The cottage is empty. It's a shame. The view of the snow and the mountains is so gorgeous today.

I am hoping we have visitors next year for New Year's.

The Christmas tree is still up and the fire is going......

There's a television in the bedroom if you can stay up late enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square all nestled in your bed...

There are good snacks in the kitchen...

The bedroom is cozy and the mattress is comfy...

There's a place to sit with your coffee or tea on New Year's Day and gaze out at the mountains and the snow.....

and it is just a short walk to the house for breakfast....

Yes, I hope we have guests next New Year's....

Here's wishing you all a wonderful evening and a great start to 2010!

I look forward to continuing my blog into the new year and meeting more blog friends.


  1. Your cottage is beautiful! Since i got here first can you book me in???
    Happy new year,

  2. What a beautiful cottage Cori!!!!! Do you think if I close my eyes and click my heels I can be there in time??? I would love to be there sweetie....wishing you a wonderful and happy new year!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Oh Cori...this little Louisiana girl wouldn't know what to do in that beautiful snow, much less trek through the mountains!!! But I'd sure love to TRY IT after seeing these beautiful photos of your little cottage (which doesn't look so little by the way! ;)
    If I go next year, would you make us a delicious brunch in your new WS pan???? yummy!!!!!
    Happy New Year Dear~
    everything vintage


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