Thursday, December 3, 2009

Polar Bear Love And Just A Peek

OK....I know I have been neglecting my blog over the last week. I've been VERY busy decorating our house for it's very first Christmas. I want to start this post by saying that I am absolutely in love with these adorable polar bear cookies from Starbuck's. Aren't they just the cutest things every? Better yet, they taste really good...reminds us of those pink and white animal cookies we ate as kids. If you haven't tried one, treat yourself to one of these irresistible little lovelies.

Diane and I have spent the last week decorating during her visit. When I am done, I will have six (yes 6!) trees in the house. Each bedroom has a tree, the great room, the study and the cottage. I'm still busy working on everything, but wanted to give you a peek of a few of the decorations.

Here's some great plastic snowflakes I found at the Dollar Tree. They look like glass and we stuck them up with those little suction cups. I love the way they catch the winter light.

Here's the start of the front porch decorating. We hung the greenery around the door and I added the little wreath.

I found these vintage ice skates almost a year ago at a local antique mall. I just added some ribbon and greenery along with the "Let It Snow" from WalMart (just $1).

A great little burlap Santa pillow I've had for years on one of the sofas...

The mantle with some fresh greenery and a large lantern filled with a candle and fresh cranberries..

My window boxes filled with greenery and some big plastic bulbs (also from the Dollar Tree).

We moved this chest out of son's room to make room for the Christmas tree. We filled it with lights and "presents" and set one of my favorite Santas on top.

A few of my Snow Village houses in the great room. We used off-white burlap under the houses and I really like the way it looks for "snow".

I can't wait to catch up on my favorite blogs and see what you've all been up to decorating for the holidays.....



  1. Love the door wreath with skates; would you mind sharing that photo with us and our site visitors?

  2. Hi Cori...

    So nice to have you for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! I sure did enjoy seeing all of your beautiful Christmas decorattions!!! Ohhh my...six trees? Girl, you've been busy...that's for sure! I can't even imagine decorating six! Hehe! But it would be so sweet having one in each room!!! I love your idea of using the old trunk for presents...that's sooo pretty!!! Also really enjoyed seeing your Christmas village...simply beautiful!!!

    Well my friend, I know that you are very busy with the season...I do hope that you are having a wonderful time and enjoying it!

    Warmest wishes and Christmas Blessings to you and your family, Cori!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. I have LOTS of comments for you, Cori!

    1) My second daughter's name is also Korie, just a different spelling.

    2) I LOVE your decorations. Just my style. Not to over gaudy - - - lots of red and green - - - all Christmassy. Great job.

    3) I used to ice skate with skates JUST LIKE THOSE. (Only those look bigger than my little size 6 skates that I used.) When I got them for Christmas they were hanging on our floor lamp - - - so you brought back a really fond memory.

    4) You are young! I'm just about to LEAVE my 55th year in this world. ;-)

    Nice to meet you!!! Hope to "see" (that means your blog" you again soon.

  4. Beautiful decorations! I'm glad I found your blog.


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