Friday, December 11, 2009

My Daughter's Christmas Room

My daughter's tree is done with the same blue that accents her room.
I still can't believe we found this blue ribbon at the dollar store! I just love it!
I made some "custom" snowguys for her tree in her colors. I just love them.

Blue glass balls and bead were added. She chose some of her favorite family ornaments. The tree topper is a Russian nesting doll that came from Russian (along with my daughter) almost 10 years ago.

The tree "skirt" is leftover fabric from her bedding.

Here's a view of her room from down the hall.

She made the snowflakes on the door.

Her desk top has a Department 56 French Cafe and it is covered in some unbelievably soft white chenille fabric I had on hand (snow!)

This is the white tree with the color lights. It can be seen from down the hall and also across the back porch from the main hall of the house. It is so soft and pretty.

I just love tucking her in with the lights glowing each night.....

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  1. Oh Cori, her room is so beautiful!!! I know she much love being in there! Such wonderful memories are made having your very own tree ~ wishing you a great week ahead dear friend, xxoo, Dawn


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