Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Christmas Ornaments

These are the first two ornaments I purchased as an adult for my first "tree on my own".

These ornaments have been moved around a lot! They have followed me to many different places on my journey over the last 30 some years.

Each year I take them out and they delight me. They bring me back to that first Christmas tree in my first apartment with my best friend Shari. How exciting to have our first grown up Christmas.

These ornaments have survived three kids through toddlerhood, a few cats and now a puppy. They mean the world to me because of the memories they bring flooding in.

This is why I love Christmas decorating and reminiscing about all the Christmas pasts and how lucky we are to hold those memories close.

Who knew all those years ago that my friend/roommate Shari and I would have our boys home from college and all the love that our lives have brought us...

Ahhhh....this is what Christmas is all about. I hope this Christmas Eve finds you happy and warm with the ones you love.


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