Friday, July 17, 2009

A Mother's Heart....

I am trying to keep myself busy today. Last night my son Logan, his girlfriend Renee and their good friends Jason and Brianna headed back to California. They have been here since Saturday. The only way I can explain the feeling that I have is "heartsick". I miss him so badly, it hurts.

One of my dear childhood friends, Barbara Hoeffler made this comment on my Facebook page last night -- "I know how you feel. I miss my kids being kids again!! I didn't know that just having them grow up and be independent was going to hurt so much!!! I think our kids are just pieces of our hearts walking around. . ."

How profound and how very true! With three children, one almost 20, one 10 and one 8, I know all to well how fast the years fly by and how much it hurts to let them go. It is so difficult being far away from Logan. We had a wonderful visit and hopefully they will be back for Christmas.

So....I will just keep busy and not take the little moments with Allison and Jackson for granted. I know it won't be long before they are going off to college and the same feeling I have today will be there again.

Logan and Renee--I love you both so much. I love having you here and enjoy watching you with the kids. This will always be your home away from home...and, maybe, just maybe, it will someday be your HOME.

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  1. Beautiful post Cori...Wish I was there to give you a hug! Love you!


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