Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doing Some Flower Arranging

I should probably be doing a dozen other things right now.....cleaning, laundry, weeding, paperworkd......BUT, I am induling one of my favorite passions and hobbies....flower arranging with beautiful flowers from my very own garden here at Starview Farm : )
One thing I know for sure....it is important to set aside a little time each day for your own creativity...whatever that means for you. I love exploring my creative side and what better medium than flowers?
My first arrangemnt with the glads! Threw in some perennial greenery and some purple flowers (not sure what these are) and a gorgeous red dahlia in the midde. This vase was a gift from my mother-in-law several years ago and one of my favorites.

A new asortment of sunflowers. I did have to fight off the bees to cut these this mroning. They don't like it when I mess around with "their" flowers! HA! I just tell them there's plenty left for them!

This piece of furntiure is one of my favorites. We found this at Patit Creek Winery in April when Vesna was visitng. It is made of Pecan and probalby about 100 years old. I just fell in love with the grain of the wood and the uniqueness of the piece. It sits in our gallery and became a great place to store Christmas linens (did someone say Christmas?). Just the thoguht of decorating for Christmas gets me excited..but, wait, it's almost 100 degress...too early for such thoughts. : )

"Enjoy the Journey".....Isn't that what we all should be doing? Well....I think I'm practicing what I preach today. I'm enjoying the moment and savoring these beautiful happy faces provided for us by nature....Ahhhhh...it really IS the simple things that bring us the most joy.

*I bought these flower cans at JoAnn's....took off the labels...painted them with my favorite Rustoleum Hertage White...taped off some rectangles and painted some chalboard paint on them. Now I can express myself in yet another way.

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