Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Catalog Comes To Life

I'm spending the holiday in the San Francisco Bay Area with my family. On Monday I had the pleasure of strolling through the Pottery Barn at the Stanford Shopping Center.

Does anyone do display and merchandising like the PB? It was so much fun to see the catalog "come to life" in this large flagship store all decked out for the season.

It's funny--I look at everything so differently now that I have my antique mall spaces. They just do such a fabulous job of putting it all together. Since the nearest PB to my home now is at least 3 hours or more, I really appreciate the chance to visit these great "city" stores when I can.

Love the globes and the simple red packages...

This tree was fabulous with the banners, birds and beautifully done...

I just love all the just might be my very favorite accent color.

and, we've just got to recreate this birch branch frame display in our space. It's so charming and fresh.

Yep, I'm definitely getting my retail therapy while here in California. So much to see and so many wonderful window displays to admire.

Hope your week is going well...

Here's to PB inspiration in person!


  1. Oh how I miss this store. We had a couple of Pottery Barn stores where I lived, now we're lucky to have a small mall here in our new location:-( Miss the beautiful displays. Hope you have a lovely time in San Francisco:-)

  2. If only we could find those white birch limbs!!! I'd have to take one home with me. Love the pics.

  3. I love the Bay area and I haven't been there in years. I love how San Francisco just lights up this time of year. PB is one of my favorite places for decorating and entertaining inspiration. I love the simplicity and how they make new look old...and rich...and inviting. So happy you are enjoying your time there. Christmas Blessings, Janet


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