Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Magical Time Of Year

I don't have any projects to share with you since I'm on vacation here in California.
I had to share some photos of this incredibly festive neighborhood in a small town here called San Carlos. The lights and decorations are just amazing.

I'm so glad Shari drove me through this wonderland last week.

I hope you are enjoying a week full of festivity and fun with your loved ones.

Although I'm anxious to get back to work on all my furniture projects, I will enjoy this bit of rest and the magic of the season.


  1. Oh I so love the beach :-) And those lights, WOW! The hubby and I took the puppies for a walk last night and enjoyed the lights around the neighborhood. It was really nice seeing more people displaying a festive mood. Enjoy your beautiful West Coast Vacation ~ Holiday Blessings, Janet

  2. Now all they need is a nice layer of SNOW!

    I LOVE that the one guy put up the FAQ sign in his driveway!


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