Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Not Exactly Sure How It Happens

but our children grow up...almost right before our eyes. My oldest flew back to California this morning after almost a week with us. This "day after" is always tough for me. I am amazed how wonderful my relationship with my adult son is now. He has become a fine young man.

We had fun doing a little pre-Christmas shopping at Macy's We fond this great charcoal grey plaid jacket for him, along with a few other things.

He was such a good sport and let me snap some photos of him in his new clothes. Don't you just love the toggle buttons on this jacket?

I haven't had this much "dressing" him since he was four...ha!

Here we are at our lunch yesterday at the Marcus Whitman Hotel (so glad I arked the waitress to get a quick photo).

Time goes by so quickly these days and sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to stop and "live in the moment".

Hope your week is going well and your holiday spirit is in full gear.


  1. Such a sweet relationship between you and your son. Your blog has inspired me in such a way as I am passing along two blog awards. Please visit my blog at to accept one or both of them. And before I go, I want to thank you for sharing your life, your thoughts, your passions with all of us. ~ Blessings, Janet

  2. Cori,
    I relate. I can't believe my youngest child is 31 - where did the years go?!! At least lunch with our kids no longer has to be 'school' lunch. You have a very handsome son.

    Christmas wishes. Rita


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