Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Home......

The last few months have been so hectic and busy with moving in the house, I've barely had a chance to sit back and take it all in.... I really stood for a few minutes and admired this beautiful front door that creates the entrance to our home. I had seen this door in an ad while driving through Bend, Or. Months later we visited the showroom and I ordered the exact same door I had seen in their ad. It is made from reclaimed ironwood from old churches in Mexico. I think it is really special and I love the speakeasy opening with the iron grate over it.

My camera is being repaired AGAIN and I hope to have it back on Tuesday for some updated photos. I think I'll ask the birthday fairy for a upgraded camera this year... : )

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog and writing! Have so much to look forward to when you get either your old camera back, or that birthday fairy delivers your new one! By the way, have also totally enjoyed reading the blogs on your blog roll, as if I need more blogs to read, but hey, I got nothing but time! Love you!


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