Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Treasures I Brought Home from The Farm Chicks Antique Show...

I found this great is in really good condition and don't these birds look adorable on top of it? They are a special gift from Vesna : ). I just love them!

And Allison has been wanting one of these and bought it at the show. It looks great in her room (she has a love of vintage, just like me).

Oh, and this wonderful white bowl made in England...not sure what I will do with it yet. BUT, I do believe in buying what you love and you will always find a place for it.

I really liked the shape and patina of this old thermos...

I had been searching ebay for some of these and found them there! I was so excited!

The 68 is for our address - 68 Starview

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  1. You little decorating queen you! What a big change from when I was there last. It must really start to feel like "home" now with your fabulous touches. Can't wait for my next visit! xoxo


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