Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Adore Mixing Old With New

We found these wonderful old piece of ironwork at the Alameda Antique Show over a year ago before we moved from California. I decided it was going to be a desk top. I wanted to look at it alot! I just adore it! Well....the way it usually goes is this.....I create the vision of what I want and explain it to my husband. Never mind the fact that I don't always understand the structural integrity and what materials will be needed. He mounted the iron piece to a thick piece of plywood that I had finished and stained. We then created a large box to create the desktop. We trimmed out the sides with some decorative moulding and then had a thick piece of glass cut to cover the whole thing.

Now the idea for the desk base came along just a few months ago, right before our house was completed. I had this great little corner of our great room with a window that I actually added to the floor plan in the final stages. It looks right out to the front door. The hairs you see in front of the desk are the kid's almost indestructible leather chairs (from Target) where they watch tv and play games.'s the perfect place to sit with my laptop with great light and be with the family.

I didn't want anything that would be too bulky for the base.....Those of you that know me well know that one of my very favorite guilty pleasures is looking at decorating magazines and catalogs. The sawhorse idea came from one of those. These sawhorses were made by my husband from a regular old sawhorse kit from Home Depot. My wonderful friend Diane helped me paint them in Benjamin Moore vanilla Ice Cream (matches my baseboards).

I'm just so happy with the way it turned out and wanted to share it with you. Is ther anything better than finding a beautiful old vintage piece of history and incorporating into our modern life? Gotta love that!


  1. Thanks for sharing this neat iron table...looks GREAT!!! Hop over and enter my GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!


  2. What a cool creation of a desk top! You had great vision for that ironwork. Way to go!


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