Monday, June 8, 2009

Fight, Love, Live.....A Gardener's Inspiration

There is a magical place in Los Altos, California called Filoli Mansion and Gardens. I was introduced to it by my dear friend Vesna. Here is a brief history on about the mansion and gardens...

Brief History of Filoli Estate
The Filoli Mansion and Garden were built and developed by Mr. and Mrs. William Bourn 11, owners of the Empire Gold Mine of Grass Valley. They hired Willis Polk, a well recognized architect, who had previously designed homes for them in Grass Valley and San Francisco. The home, built between 1915 and 1917, exhibits a Georgian Revival, architectural style. Exterior features include a Flemish brick exterior, French windows, arched double chimneys, a Spanish tile roof, and an overall English Country House resemblance. Interior features include beautiful carved moldings, inlaid parquet floors, marble fireplace facades, grand doorways, and 17 foot high ceilings in major rooms. The Mansion remains in its original setting, with native garden areas and lush landscaping. The Bourns resided at the estate until their deaths in 1936. The new owners of the property were Mr. and Mrs. William P. Roth, in whose possession it remained until 1975, when Mrs. Roth generously donated it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Garden
The garden at Filoli was designed by Bruce Porter a well known garden architect, and Isabella Worn, a celebrated floral designer. The Filoli garden is considered one of the finest examples of a private estate garden representing the Golden Age of American Gardens. The garden is a succession of separate areas, each with a distinct character. The house and gardens were arranged to take advantage of the natural surroundings and vistas. Seasonal horticultural displays are presented throughout the year.

< The name Filoli was derived from the term FIGHT, LOVE, LIVE...When I heard that part of the history, I knew it would stay within my mind forever....Isn't that a simple motto for a good life? As a novice gardener, hoping to become more accomplished at this wonderful art and passion, I find tremendous inspiration in this place and these photos I took there Spring of last year. I wanted to share this with you....Gardening is a lot of hard work, to be sure...BUT, the rewards and passion you feel when your plants thrive is true bliss... Thank you to Vesna for her inspiration in gardening and have changed my life in many ways through your personal passion and friendship... Now...if this doesn't make you want to head to your nearest nursery and buy some plants, I don't think anything will.

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