Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Logo And A Wonderful Etsy Artist

Good Morning Blog Friends!
When you find something FABULOUS, you’ve just gotta SHARE it!
Well….I have loved Etsy for a long time now.  I love shopping there, I love selling there, and I love all the talented people that are gathered in one space.
I ran across Marie at autumnscreek.  She does gorgeous work.  I loved the simplicity and uniqueness of her logo designs.
She created this custom logo and business card design for me.
I love it!
She incorporated my dress form with wings into the design. 

She also does business packages, gorgeous photo card designs and offers a wonderful selection of quality envelopes in different sizes.
She was a dream to work with and quick to answer my questions and answer my sometimes silly questions.
Thanks Marie….you’re awesome!
Go over to her shop and take a look around…If you’ve been thinking about taking your branding to a new level, this is a great start.
Now go seize the day!


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