Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Pie Safe–Three Looks


We purchased this great pie safe at the beginning of the year. We planned to bring it to the big Farm Chicks show in June.


We decided to paint it a dark red.

We left the interior in the dark wood, complete with paint “circles” on the shelves. It appears this was used to store paint cans sometime during it’s long life.

It worked out nicely at our Farm Chicks booth and created a great focal point.

Unfortunately, it didn’t sell there. We brought it basck home.

Now let me tell you—this is one HUGE and heavy piece.



I finally got a chance to give it another look a couple weeks ago.

I painted the exterior with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White. I also followed with a coat of clear wax and a light coat of dark wax.


I wanted the interior to have a big of a contrast, so I decided to go with Paris Grey (also ASCP).

We delivered it to the space on Saturday.

It looks great!

Although it makes a fantastic display piece, it IS for sale. As those of you who have retail spaces already know—everything needs to be for sale—everything has a price.

One of the most frustrating things for customers who fall in love with something is the dreaded “NFS” on the tag.

For now, it looks great and provides five great shelves to display smaller items…


Hope your week is going great.

I’m super excited because my brother and sister-in-law are flying in from San Francisco to spend the weekend with us! I’ll be getting the cottage guest ready (and putting away all my dress form art supplies for a few days).

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!



  1. Cori, great piece. Love the new colors. I hate when I see a NFS tag on something. There is a booth in a local shop that has vintage books (which I collect) and they all have that NFS on them. They are just for props. Oh, pahleeze sell the things already.

    Enjoy your guests!

  2. I agree with everything needs to be for sale in our retail spaces! and that cabinet is simply gorgeous. i LOVE it!! Great find :)


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