Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun & A Personal Challenge


Happy Halloween everyone!

We will be going trick or treating downtown this afternoon. We live out in the country, so we don’t get any trick or treaters here at our house.

Although, I must share that my 12 year old daughter informed me that she wasn’t going to trick or treat tonight.

Yes, it’s started. The dreaded pre-teen and almost teen years.

Although it gives me comfort that my youngest (10 now) will NEVER want to stop trick or treating because he is absolutely a CANDYAHOLIC…LOL!

I also want to wish my Dad a wonderful Happy Birthday today. When I talked to him on the phone this morning I said…

“Dad, you’ve spent at least 50 of your birthdays handing out candy and taking your kids and their kids trick or treating”. Not a bad way to celebrate your special day. I miss you Dad and hope you have a great day.


I have a little something else I wanted to share with you guys today.

Six weeks ago I saw Dr. Joel Fuhrman on television. Something made me stop and sit down and listen to him. He spoke of better health and healthy eating.

I had been feeling sluggish and in need of a chance. I downloaded his book “Eat To Live” on my Kindle. The next day I began a personal challenge. I challenged myself to follow his plan and eat a plant-based diet for 6 weeks. YES, plant based means no meat and no diary. I had never tried an eating plan like this before and wanted to give it a try.


WELL. today marks the 6 week point of my personal challenge.

I met my goal. I ate ABSOLUTELY no meat (or chicken or fish) or dairy for a full 6 weeks.

Now….don’t get the idea that I didn’t EAT…I did!

I made a wonderful “Green Smoothie” for breakfast each day, at a HUMUNGOUS salad for lunch (with yummy dressings that Dr. Fuhrman provides recipes for), and delicious filling soups and cooked veggies for dinner. Every day includes a least a cup of beans or legumes. I really believe that the beans are a lifesaver for a sweet craver like me (it really works).

The result?

I have dropped quite a few pounds….I feel A LOT better, my energy level has soared, I don’t feel sluggish, and I’m just generally happier and NOT HUNGRY (that’s right).

I won’t stop here. I plan to continue with my new way of eating and living. This book may have changed my life for the better.

Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into a healthy lifestyle and eating forum…..

BUT, I may be turning out more projects than ever with my new found energy and vigor

I’m proud of myself for giving it a try, meeting my first goal of 6 weeks, and allowing myself to discover a new way of eating that really seems to agree with me.

This is the book if you are interested….

Thanks for letting me share.

Have a wonderful Halloween, and, no, I want me stealing any candy from my son’s bag tonight, but I WILL enjoy wearing jeans that aren’t snug anymore : )



  1. Good for you trying it and sticking it out. Not sure I could go without dairy and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis(which I still can't believe)this year. So I eat lots of yogurt and drink milk and take lots of calcium and vitamin D. I just need to exercise more. Have fun trick or treating. We don't get any at our house either since we are on a busy street.

  2. Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment. I wish I had the strenth to commit to something that would make me feel better and more energetic.


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