Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Auction Addiction

Hello everyone! I know my posts have been far and few between the last few weeks, but it has been wonderful having my parents here and then my friend Shari.

What am I doing today??? Well..where do I begin? I'm working on the ornament collection for the store Christmas tree. I will be posting a sneak peak of it soon.

I'm also going through the goodies that I purchased at the local auction Saturday.

First, let me give a shout out to Macon Brother Auctioneers here in Walla Walla. They do a great job of putting a wonderful auction together. They feature beautiful things and everything runs smoothly and efficiently (I love that!).

Well...I did something different this time. I went to the preview on Friday afternoon and took a good look around at ever tying.

Then..., much to my kid's happiness (9 and 11 years old), I decided to all my bidding online rather than sit at the auction house in the folding chairs all day.

It was a total blast!!!!! Macon Brothers go through Proxibid. You just register and then you can bid online and also listen to the live audio web cast.

Let's just put it this way.....I was heard shouting out LOUD during many of the exciting lots. I wouldn't be so VOCAL in public...LOL. I carried my laptop all over the house watching the auction and having a greet time.

I did purchase a few treasures and wanted to share them with you.

I'll start with my favorite--this gorgeous large dough bowl. What makes it really special? The cover on it. I just fell in love with it and it actually stayed in my price range. I can't explain the thrill.

I also scored this sweet little display shelf thing. I must admit I'm not exactly sure what it is???? If you know, please give me a holler.

Also...I'm looking for ideas from you creative women out there....what could I display in those holes???? I tried some old silver plate, but it doesn't work...

Then there was this great stool....It's in awesome structural shape and I think it's going to look great with a new burlap cover.. Don't you just love the curved sides?

Paid $5.00 for this one.... I decided I wasn't going to go completely "over the top" decorating my house this Christmas. I will most likely be in California with my family for a few weeks.

BUT, turns out my great room is covered in Christmas boxes that didn't come down from my attic....(a little bit of a strange feeling...).

At the end of the auction I bid on four huge boxes of miscellaneous Christmas decoration. I knew the boxes had some ornaments and several small lighted houses. They are not Department 56 (that is what I collect), but rather than "knock-off" village series. There are several different makers of the houses.

I opened them all up and had to take photos of them. They are all nice and in good condition.

I must admit I was hoping for a few more vintage Christmas ornaments, but all in all, it was a great "grab bag" score. I am going to display them in the retail space and price them to sell.

How wonderful for someone to start a collection of these wonderful little village houses that light up. Mine have brought me and my children so much Christmas joy for years.

Well...I better get back to work. So glad I could take a little time to share my auction love with you. If you haven't gone to an auction (or haven't gone in a long time), check your local auction house to see if they do online live bidding.

The benefits?????

You can stay in your sweats on a rainy day and scream as loud as you want when you see what something sells for (or you win it!).

You don't have to pay shipping charges since they are local and you can go pick it u0p the next day.

There is a small fee for online purchases, but for me the benefits outweigh the cons.

Thanks for coming by today....

I am getting back to work on my numerous projects and also getting ready for my 21 year old's visit on Thanksgiving.....Now HE will love going to auctions with me. A boy after his Mother's heart...gotta love that.


  1. Great stuff... You have me stumped on what to display in the holes... I'm thinking about it... paint brushes, tools?

  2. the dough bowl! And the bench was a steal!

  3. lucky you for knowing this auction and for paying just 5 bucks for that stool? am i right?wow! i love your picks, as of me for the holers, i'll put some necklaces and hve them lay on the outside, but thts just me on my available accessories!

  4. How big are the holes? I think i'd put test tubes in them and use them as little vases.


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