Friday, November 26, 2010

Pumpkins Out - Glitter In

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us we can focus on Christmas.

Here's a couple things I've been working on. I wanted to design some fun new stockings this year.

This is what I came up with. Using burlap, a great stencil that you can find here, some super fluffy white chenille, vintage lace, and a little glitter , I came up with these.

Now I don't sew, so I rely heavily on two products--Liquid Stitch and Fabric Tac glue.

I made a pattern out of poster board and cut out my two pieces of burlap.

I used this fun stencil and some cardinal red acrylic paint by Folk Art. With right sides together I "stitched" the pieces together with Liquid Stitch. I let it dry overnight.
I turned the stocking inside out. I added the lace trim layer and then the really fun white chenille top.

I also taped off the bottom of the toe and added the red paint there for fun. A lighter color burlap rosette was added. To accent the rosette I used a bottle cap painted red and make sparkly with some German glass glitter in silver.

For the hanging loop I used the cording for piping. I tied a little red ribbon detail to the loop, just because : )

Here's three of them hanging in the space....Pretty cute...huh?

Here's another craft. I bought these 6 inch letters at Hobby Loblby. I wanted to do a Pottery Barn "knock off" of their NOEL sign. I wasn't sure how I was going to join the letters together.

Here's what I came up with.

I mounted the two bottom letters to a wood plaque (also from Hobby Lobby). I used hot glue for this. Then I realized I need to join the two top letters together and also the top to the bottom.

What to use without another trip to The Big Orange (Home Depot)???? Wood clothespins! perfect little "biscuits". I used the flat side in the back like this..

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked!

I painted them red with the SW Stolen Kiss paint left over from some furniture projects.

I added some glitter "dots" randomly. NOTE: These photos don't really show the sparkle of this wonderful glitter, but, trust me, it's amazing in person. Then I "grounded" them a bit with a bundle of twigs and another burlap rosette with the bottle cap glitter detail.

The definitely have a handmade "imperfect" way about them. I love that. You really can't get hung up on perfection to enjoy these kind of projects. There is a certain amount of "letting go". Don't you think?

I LOVE crafting and the last few days have been so much fun. Snow outside and glitter all over the house and me. Now, that's what signals Christmastime for me.


  1. Sweet Cori! Thank you so much for the comments on my photos. I LOVE to take pictures... I use a nikon D70 with a 50mm lens. I want to see pics of your Rosette projects! I really, really, enjoy your blog as well... I come by often.

  2. I love the Noel and Wish project! What a great idea.


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