Friday, November 5, 2010

Featured on My Favorite Blog

Had to share this.....


It's always an honor to have something you do featured on someone's's such a wonderful compliment and really means so much to have another creative woman highlight something you've done.

BUT, when I was scrolling my current VERY FAVORITE BLOG - Miss Mustard Seed today, guess what I found?????

My very own "Play It Again" dresser!

The dresser was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, of course.

To have her feature my version on her post meant the WORLD to me...really.

I literally anticipate each and every post that Marian does. She has inspired me to take my little business to the next level Not only is she super talented, she has so much energy to do all the creative things she does sand be a Mom too!
On several occasions she has sent me personal email messages. As busy as she is, those personal notes are priceless.

She inspires me in so many ways. Check out the settee she did in the photo above. If you haven't visited her, you've got to go. Her blog is so pleasant and well organized. So many tips and tricks to soak up like a sponge.

How wonderful this community called Blogland is....I'm so glad I've joined this sisterhood.

Marina - thanks for making my entire weekend and motivating me to do some more yard sales this weekend : )


  1. Congratulations! I already saw the feature, your sheet music dresser was great.

  2. I know just how you feel! She is one of my favs as well, and she featured my yellow dresser last week!

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it! I love Marian's work, too.

  4. Bravo for you! It's always nice to receive some recognition to help boost the ego. :-)
    ~ Sue

  5. more power for your nice works cori! I am interested to join Blogland, do you have a link?

  6. You are too kind! :) I'm giving you a shout-out tonight in my post, thanking you for the sheet music.

  7. I can only imagine how awesome you must feel! I, too, look forward to every post from MMS. You've described her blog perfectly, she is oh-so-inspiring. What an honor to be featured in one of her posts. I do remember your dresser. Don't you just love sheet music?
    Have a great day!


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