Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Consolation Prize

I have a little story to share....

My husband casually says this late Sunday night -

"I'm not sure if you are interested, but a few miles down the road at a farmhous there is a whole trailer full of old windows for a "For Sale" sign on them.



Needless to say I headed down there on Monday morning in a little bit of rain.

YEP....a WHOLE trailer full of GORGEOUS over 100 year old window....some paned, some not paned...some tilt-out style, two eyebrow sets to just die for.

Well...I called the number and a wonderful woman came out to talk to me. Turns out she and her husband want to build a greenhouse. She had been searching for windows for her greenhouse for some time.

She had to show me her garage. There were close to 100 windows in ther standing up to be stripped and painted.

The ones in the trailer were "left over". She happened to pass by the armory in our small town when they were replacing their windows.

She bought all of them. Her dream of a greenhouse is close now. I can't wait to see it completed (I'll be sure to share).

Here in lies the problem....she wants to sell the window all together. She is thinking that someone wants to do a greenhouse or outbuilding or renovation.

I really wasn't in my budget to buy all 32 windows..


But I did get to see her beautiful garden and property...breathtaking. She sells greens and veggies to local restaurants and her neat and beautiful garden made me green with envy (and hopeful that I will someday have a garden like that).

Before I left she told me she had an old door with no glasss in her "burn pile" if I wanted to pull it out and take it.

So here it on one side and red on the other.

You couldn't duplicate this aging and chippy paint for anything.

Got mail?

I'm planning to use this door in my space for some fun fall decor.

Sometimes people actually "give" gems like this away.

I was disappointed about the window, but happy with my prize.


  1. What a treasure! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Bummer about the windows but nice door! Would love to see pictures of that green house too!


  3. That is certainly a great prize. Maybe she'll cave on those windows eventually...


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