Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Journey Continues has now been four full months of renting this space at our local antique mall/consignment center.

I have learned so much in a short time. My space has evolved and will continue to change.

Yesterday I put up these rich brown drapery panels along the divider wall. I found them at WalMart for $9 each. We just ran some cording across the divider and I attached the panels with clothespins. This will make for easy changes with the seasons. Great idea!

What a difference!

I want to thank my friend Vesna for this inspiration. Now I'm thinking I'll do the same thing along the back wall for fall.

I'm pleased to share with you that I had my best month to date in August. I sold several pieces of furniture and many other items that I made or happily "found".

The best advice I've received so far??????
If it's not selling--MOVE IT AROUND and CHANGE IT UP. The store now has quite a few "regular" customers. They like to see things look "different" each time they come in.

It's working!

The new dresser looks great in the space. Although I'd love for it to sell quickly, I will hate to see it go since it looks so "at home" here.

The rich brown makes a great backdrop for this canvas that my daughter painted.

My cow-boy girl canvas along with these beautiful necklaces.

I love this black army footlocker that I got at an auction. I just know this will work great in someone's space.

The pretty paper parasol is another great addition to this 10 foot x 10 foot space...

If you have ever entertained the thought of renting a space like this....take the leap and give it a try.

Let's put it this truly is "doing what you love" if you are anything like me. Finding fabulous things and creating some of your own is exploring creativity at it's best.

Hope you are enjoying this last summer holiday weekend...

Stay tuned for some yard sale finds I came home with this morning...

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  1. Hi Cori,
    LOVE that dresser! Your space looks great!! I haven't been by forever (or out visiting forever) LOVE your new blog look too!!

    Take care my friend!



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