Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Finds

It's been a great day of treasure hunting here. We started early with a wonderful estate sale.

I found this fabulous silk gown for Marcella (my dress form). It's the first time I've dressed her up and I'm loving it! Doesn't she look GORGEOUS? Turns out he size was just perfect. The estate sale had the most beautiful gowns, hats and purses from the 30's and 40's.

The space is looking great with the rich brown drapery panels for autumn.

Check out the great coffee table on the left that Diane repurposed. I think this will be so "at home" in some hip urban space with it's cool stripes and great form.

This is a very sweet little side table that we transformed with some oregano green paint and a little aging techniques. We added a little wood applique for that "certain something".
It's not a great photo, but behind this table is the MOST incredible find from this morning. A trunk/suitcase in pristine NEW condition probably from the 30's. It has the original price tag of $42.00 (yep, that was LOT of money back then). When you open it up there are divided sections for clothes, hangers and a silk drape to cover your clothes.

Ok...I have to admit...I put a high price on this because I secretly want to bring it home. I've never seen anything quite like it. Everything at this estate sale was in well-=loved and well cared for condition. It was so much fun to see all these treasures from the past.

I fell in love with this vintage heat lamp with it's copper detailing. Isn't it fabulous?

Check out the great hat on "Marcella". I brought home four vintage hats today. Gotta love that! The belt on the gown fit perfectly on the dress form. I can't help but think the owner would smile knowing her gown was displayed so lovingly here.

The vintage table lamp on the right is really unique and beautiful.

I hope it finds a new and loving home.

You've got to love this desk lamp that we found. It's wood on the bottom and has the greatest buttons for "on" and "off".

Wouldn't this look right at home on someone's desk? You can't find anything like this at Target : )

A great green fan found it's way into the space today. I just adore the vintage fans. They are so architecturally interesting...aren't they? Ad I get ready to turn in for the night, I am happy that we enjoyed such a great day of hunting for vintage treasures.

My passion for things from the past makes me happy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends.

Here's to fueling our passions and making every day "matter".


  1. I was attracted to that tiny curio (3rd photo fr the last)! I wanted it for my valuable collectibles=), or even for my office.
    I just feature you on my weekend blog Cori...
    where we talk couture, art, taste and history.

  2. I really love the Music sheet wreath!


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