Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I've Got On My Mind...

Christmas, of course! This will be our first Christmas in our new house and my mind is buzzing with decorating ideas.

I stopped by potterybarn.com
this morning for a bit of inspiration.

I love these centerpiece ideas. The birds and log candles may be my favorite.

I've started working on some Christmas ornaments and getting inspiration from so many of you out there. What fun!


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  1. oh man, I love pottery barn! they have such great ideas! thanks so much for coming by my blog & commenting on the slipcover & pillow. It's funny that you ask about the pillow~ if I sell them~ I haven't yet, but I was thinking that maybe I would....it's just so fun to do stuff that you have a passion for & you know what "they" say about following your passion!

    What do you think would be a reasonable price? You could be my first guinea pig customer ;-) I don't want to make a bunch of money...I would just want the price to be low enough so it's affordable & high enough to make it worthwhile.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts & advice.





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