Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! Here's a peek at some more ornaments I've been working on. It feel just like Santa's Workshop here at Starview Place.

You know how it goes....glitter everywhere, kitchen work surfaces covered with paint bottles, glue, pipe cleaners, and patterned paper. I decided that I will move my operation over to the guest house, since I won't have any guests for a week. That way my family can actually sit down to eat a meal without knocking over a plate of glitter...ha!

When Diane comes next week she will help me with the final preparations for the holiday open house (especially pricing, always tricky for me).

So here's three of the snowguys in the blue hues...I find myself getting so attached to them I'm tempted to start naming them...

Here's some bird ornaments that I made out of a vintage clay molds (found on eBay, of course), using Creative Paperclay. This is just one version, there are several more in the works.

Isn't he just so chubby and endearing?

It is a glorious sunny day here and I am so excited to get some more ornaments made today. The inspiration and creativity just seem to keep flowing--gotta take advantage of that.

Hope you are having as much fun doing what you love to do today : )



  1. Those are absolutely adorable! I just love the sweet little faces on the snow guys!

  2. I love them Cori!!! You did a wonderful job girl and the birds are so adorable!!! You're gonna be making all kinds of things now :) I appreciate you letting me know so I could see your cutie pies!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Beautiful ornaments! I just love the adorable faces on the snowmen...very sweet.



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