Friday, October 9, 2009

October Marigolds

Well...our first frost is expected here tonight, so I took some time to admire my beautiful orange and yellow marigold varieties before they fade away.
We planted all these from seed and I have been delighted at all the fall color they have provided over the last couple months.
They will become a regular part of my flower garden since their blooms last well into autumn .

I also still have these gorgeous tall and sturdy hollyhocks...Ahhh...enjoying the last bit of flowering delight before the nights turn too chilly for them.


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  1. Hi Cori,
    Thanks so much for the info on the paper whites! I am so anxious to try it this year. Living in the probably know how gray it gets in the winter & I've always thought they would do the trick to cheer me up (just when I'm about to pack my bags & move to Arizona or some other sunny place!) Love the marigolds! They are the best flower...just keep going & going...Your garden looks gorgeous!!

    Have a great weekend!



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