Monday, October 19, 2009

The IrresistablePaperwhite

If you have never grown these beautiful flowers, do yourself a favor and try them!

Last year I experienced my first Northwest winter, complete with plenty of snow and a series of very grey days.

I filled containers with these bulbs and enjoyed the sight and scent of them well into March. You can literally plant them in anything! You don't even need dirt, just some type of rock will work

II love this sight and this is where I purchased my bulbs. Go to Easy To Grow Bulbs and you'll find several varieties with stage blooming times. Every single one of my bulbs bloomed last year--NO DUDS!

They even have an great little "how-to"video at this link. You just can't go wrong!

If you enjoy a neutral and natural holiday decor with lots of whites and reams, these are just so perfect for you! If you love the tradition reds and greens,these provide a perfect balance to all the color.

You won'te be disappointed ...

Have a wonderful evening!



  1. can't wait to plant some! Thanks for the wonderful advice!


  2. Paperwhites are one of my favorite flowers!!! I love all of the ways you have your's displayed!!!!

    Love your site!!!



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