Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jewelry As Art

hello friends!
I’m here to share a fun project I completed yesterday.
But first I wanted to talk about Pinterest a bit…

I admit it.  I resisted joining Pinterest at first.  Then I did.  What can I say?  For a creative junkie like myself, this has got to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Right?   The only problem is….it is SO addicting.  I find myself heading there when I should probably be doing other things…

Can you relate?  Well…I found this general idea there and had to incorporate it into my closet.

Confession:  I am NOT the kind of person who consistently removes my fashion jewelry and places it back into the nice little plastic bags that you get when you purchase.

No…that’s not me.  Mine usually goes into a drawer or a box where it can be forgotten.
So…this solution seemed perfect to me.  I get dressed in the closet, I see the jewelry right in front of me displayed in a pretty and fun way.


Super simple project.

Here’s what I did:
*Purchased 9 generic old-fashioned clipboards at Staples.
*Painted them off-white
*Cut up some fun fabric with ABC motif I found at the quilting store.
*Added a fun vintage tri to the bottom with loops to hang my earrings.  (I just knew I’d find something to do with that trim eventually).
*I hung the clipboards in a pleasing pattern.
*I added my fun fashion jewelry.
*I smiled.
*Mission accomplished!  No more tangled chains or forgotten favoring pieces.



Such a fun project with such great function.
Now…do I have any time to log into Pinterest for a bit before I get back to work?  LOL!
Have a great day!

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  1. This is a very attractive display! I've made a pre-2013 resolution to visit more blogs and be inspired by lovely people like you! You are in my Favorites folder, and when I remember how to add your site to my own blog, I'll be doing that!


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