Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Just Had To Try This One

It took me awhile to embrace the Pinterest craze, but, BOY, am I glad I did!
Can you believe the inspiration waiting for you each and every time you log in?
Well…when I saw this Kodak Moment dresser from, 


I  just knew I had to give it a try.
I found the perfect dresser a week or so later.
Here’s my version of this great piece.
Thank you so much Bliss Ranch for this inspiration and fabulous project!
I love the idea of incorporation your passions into the pieces that you live with every day.
I will continue to go to my Pinterest page whenever I have a few spare moments….it never fails to inspire.
Aren’t there just so many talented and clever people out there? 
Lucky for all of us.
thanks for stopping in today,

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  1. I feel like a star! Your dresser turned out magnificent and I get to have a fat head for inspiring someone.

    I will be back to poke around your blog when I am not using the pokey iPad. Looks to me like you have lots of great dressers.



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