Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Proud

I admit it.
am grinning from ear to ear.  Our garden is looking so fabulous this spring.
Last year our very good friends moved out of state.  It was very hard for us.  They were our first friend here when we moved four years ago.  We were both “outsiders” in a pretty tight knit community.  Our kids were the same age…they all got along.  It was wonderful.  We shared, we laughed, we cheered our kids on at sporting events and we just connected.
They were avid gardeners.  There yard was so beautiful and I always admired it.
When they knew they were moving, they invited us to come over and dig up hundred of flower bulbs.  YEP, hundreds.   We dug and dug and dug some more.
I brought them home and started putting them in the grown all over our property.  I knew I would reap the rewards 100 fold when spring finally arrived.

Well, here they are..

And, yes, I’m feeling very “garden proud”.

Thanks for letting me share.

Hope you’re loving spring as much as I am..


  1. Wow, how beautiful and what a gorgeous piece of property you have. It looks stunning! How nice that you have a piece of your friends right in your was wonderful of them to share their plants before they left! (*_*)

  2. Cori~
    It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! You made me cry! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the bulbs that I brought to Walla Walla from Michigan are thriving and bringing you such happiness!! I really miss the green of Washington. Arizona is perfect for us, but it takes alot of maintenance to keep the tumbleweeds out of anything! And the javelina eat everything you plant.

    I really miss you & your family! Say hello to everyone for us, We need to plan that girl's weekend!!!

    Love you & miss you tons!!

  3. Love it Cori!!! It just looks amazing! You must love love walking out your front door! :)


  4. Wow, thanks for sharing us your pictures. the flowers are really beautiful and i also like your home. Looks like you have a very peaceful neighborhood.


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