Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On This Day…


Eleven years ago my sweet Jackson came into the world.

He happily went off to school this morning. I made about 75 cake pops yesterday and he has enough for at least two for each classmate (and of course some left over for him).

What a blessing it was to have this sweet little boy at 42 years of age.

Time is flying by and I’m trying to grab onto each and every moment with my kids that are still here with me.


I also wanted to share an early Christmas present I purchased for myself that I absolutely LOVE.


Ok…I know these may be a bit too WILD for some of you, but I just found them irresistible!

Get this—they are Cowgirl Rain Boots from J. Peterman and you can get them here for just $59.00.


These boots are so absolutely comfortable and waterproof. I’ve tested the out over the last week or so wearing them most of the day shopping and running errands.

A great find for those of you who are bold enough to add a little fun ad color to your feet.

I’m continuing to decorate, shop and wrap in preparation for Christmas.

I’m enjoying every minute of it and I hope you are too.


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