Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grace of Angels Christmas Tree


So happy you stopped in today!

I’ve been a very busy girl trying to get the house decorated, keeping up with my furniture upcycling, creating homemade gifts, shopping for Christmas (mostly online at Amazon and Etsy), and preparing for a wonderful Christmas here in the Northwest.

My oldest son and his girlfriend are driving up from California to spend the holiday here. I’m SO happy and excited!

Today I want to share our tree with you.

It is filled with grace. I decided to feature the mostly white angel collection on this tree. About 14 years ago I made dozens and dozens of these angels…staying up all hours of the night and burning myself on the glue gun. I gave so many away as gifts, but managed to keep a nice grouping for myself.


I used angel wings as a the tree topper.

I included all my favorite and meaningful ornaments.


I added a beautiful pair of white feather wings to my dress form and had her become part of the tree…I even tied some gorgeous vintage ice sjkates to the base of her form.


I made a couple dozen of these red rosettes with sheet music staars mounted on dollar store snowflakes…

I tied the randomly to the white sheer ribbon draped thorugh the tree…


Here’s one of my most precious snowmen. I made DOZENS and DOZENS of these two years ago and they are actually the first thing I really made and SOLD!

They me smile every tie I look at them.

I found the tutoriaal at Dawn’ Feathered Nest. She is definitely one of the women who drew me into this wonderful world of inspiration.


I DO Believe in the Magic of Christmas. I ADORE this timeof year and the way our home feels


I hope you are slowing down the pace as we go into this week before Christmas.

Enjoy each and every moment of this special week.

I will share more decorations with you this week.


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  1. Cori, your tree is so pretty. Enjoy time with your son and family.

    Merry Christmas!


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