Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning To Sew


Hello Blog Friends!

I know my posts are still far and few between. I promise I will be getting “back to work” soon and share some of my projects with you. I am participating in a big swap meet sale on August 6th and need to get some furniture pieces ready for that sale.

In the meantime, I just wanted to brag al bit about my daughter. She took a great sewing class last week. It was a sort of “camp” for young seamstresses.

The local fabric store and sewing shop called STASH (cute name, right) offered the class. In addition to making this great backpack, she learned the basics of the Bernete 46 machine.

At the end of thee class she took hoe not only the adorable backpack, but the machine too! What a fabulous concept and class idea. Thanks to Ann who owns the shop and teaches the classes.

She has already helped me with a few small sewing projects.

We are going to get a few simple patterns for her to work on this summer.

I hope this is a skill she continues to develop and love.


Here’s to learning a new skill and exploring your creative side!

I’ll check in soon.




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  1. Just love this backpack! When I was in Home Ec in high school (1969), I hated everything we sewed! We maded place mats, a dress, and a wool cape. By the time you got the teacher to come over and help you when something went wrong with the machine, you were so frustrated and sick of whatever you were making! LOL I never went back to sewing after that. I so envy the talent and patience it takes to sew. I hope your daughter sticks with it! Love your blog and your shop on etsy!


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