Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cottage Love And Lavender


What girl doesn’t dream of having a little cottage all her own?

I am no exception. I dreamed of this cottage and it became reality.

After my son and his girlfriend left a few weeks ago, I decided to freshen up the cottage just a bit.

I pulled a chippy white vanity desk out of my “furniture waiting for love” pile inn the garage. It just seemed to work better as a base for the flat screen tv in the corner. I didn’t paint it, just gave it a good cleaning and lied the worn look it already had.

I moved my hand painted fireplace screen in front of the fireplace (instead of in front of the tv table to hid cords).

I love the way it looks in the place it was originally meant to be. I put one of my favorite vintage tablecloths on the table and placed an old shutter door found at a yard sale in the corner.

I also pulled out the area rug that had been in front of the sofa. It was time to reveal all of the beautiful hardwood floors. It makes the room feel quite a bit bigger.


I made a few changes in the bedroom too.

Another yard sale find was a sweet chenille bedspread with just the perfect shades of pastel to work with the neutrals. I placed it over the coverlet.

I love the way it makes the bed feel. There is just something about chenille that reminds me of my grandmother and sleepovers at her house.

Sweet memories.



I moved my music sheet dresser into the room.

I have had it for sale for quite some time and no one wanted to bring it home. I decided it was meant to stay with me and make it’s home here in the cottage bedroom.

I’m glad it stayed with me—I just love it!


This cottage is not only a place for my guests, but a little “home away from home” for me.

I love to spend time in this space. I use it as an artist’s studio when creating dress forms, bring paperwork I need to concentrate on, and even a quiet place to escape the sibling bickering that happens at my house often.

There are no kids that live in this cottage. No long-haired white cat and no gorgeous yellow lab that sheds like crazy.

When I clean it, it pretty much stays that way.

You’ve gotta love that…right?

Oh…I almost forgot…I pulled the sofa away from the window and placed a white console table there. It’s a great place to put a lamp and other fun treasures.


Now..let me share my lavender. I have wanted to grow lavender since we moved here three years ago. I planted quite a few plants and although they survived, they really didn’t produce much in way of flowering lavender. Then, this spring my husband planted 6 plants. They grew beautiful stems of lavender that we “harvested” a few days ago. It makes me smile.


I am continuing to enjoy this summer and the joy of being outside and the beautiful warm evenings. Check out this full moon last week.

Such beauty.


So glad you stopped in and I hope you are also taking the time to stop and smell the roses of summer.




  1. You are so right! I would love to have my own little cottage. I love what you did to it.

  2. Me too cottage envy!The lavender was just the right touch.

  3. Oh the bedroom dresser you will have to clean again, because I think I got it wet while drooling over it. I adore this quiet and cozy space.

  4. I don't think anyone could have missed that great full moon last week. It was so bright and beautiful. All of your updates and changes look great. Lovely lavender. Everyone is posting about harvesting it now. None to be found in my corner of the world, except at Pottery Barn. :/ Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  5. Oh, that guest cottage is such a playhouse for you!! Lucky girl!


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