Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Choosing Paint Colors And A Fabulous Blog To Share


I recently has a visit from Kristen at Favorite Paint Colors blog.

She has a very unique blog. I think it is wonderful. She features photos using paint colors in homes and provides the manufacturer and paint color name and number.

Then, on the right sidebar of her blog she provides tabs sorted by color. You just click on “blue” and you will get all kinds of photos using different shades of blue in real interiors. What a helpful tool to help you choose just the right color for your home.

Choosing paint colors for our home during the construction process was no easy task. I ended up using a combination of just a few colors. I decided I really wanted to go neutral, but not white. I wanted a warm neutral that would brighten up some of the rainy and gray days we have here during the winter months. I also wanted to have that war “glow” in the evening.


I also wanted colors that wouldn’t limit me for fabric and furniture choices..

I chose Benjamin Moore paints. I used colors from one color card. Precious Ivor (185), Harvest Time (186) and Goldfinch (187). I also used Benjamin Moore’s Vanilla Ice Cream (OC-90) for woodwork and baseboards. I varied the shades in the house, using the lighter shade in my master bath and cottage and using the Harvest Time in most of the interior house walls. We did use the darker shade (Goldfinch) on the northern feature wall behind the stone fireplace for a bit more drama and contrast.

In my children’s rooms, I used Benjamin Moore Scarecrow(1041). This is best described as a milk chocolate. For some this may be a bit dark, but since their rooms are light-filled, it really works for us.




One thing my contractor recommended was to use a darker shade on the color card for doors, rather than a lighter shade. I like the way it brings attention to the panel doors. It was something unexpected, because I was inclined to go lighter, rather than darker.

Choosing paint colors is not easy. It is such a personal choice. We have to be able to live with the color. It needs to make us happy, day-to-day.

I love looking at other homes and seeing the paint colors they have chose and how they work with their furnishings.

Go check out Kristen’s blog and enjoy all the colors.

So glad you stopped by today.



  1. Love your home. Your children's room is so pretty. I love Benjamin Moore paints, too.

  2. Loved your methods for choosing colors...it always works to keep the walls simple and neutral if you like to play with patterns and colors on fabrics or accessories...nice job on your home!

  3. Thanks so much, Cori. Love your colors and tips you mentioned. You have some great light in your home - everything looks so warm and inviting. Thanks again for the post, I really appreciate it!

  4. I am going to look up those Ben. Moore colors. I have mostly BM, too. I found with a happy accident that I like living with warm colors. The color blog you mentioned is interesting.


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